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LXF15 Full Fight

LXF 15 April 6, 2024
Shawne Merriman's LXF15 is set to electrify the arena with a lineup of stellar fighters - Experience the thrill of high-octane combat and unmatched energy in an event that Lights Out Xtreme Fighting is renowned for!

Saturday, Apr 6th 2024, 6:00pm PDT
Doors Open: 4:00 PM PDT

Thunder Studios
20434 South Santa Fe Ave
Long Beach, CA 90810

Former NFL star Shawne Merriman parlayed a solid playing career with the San Diego Chargers and the Buffalo Bills into a growing mixed martial arts business with Lights Out Xtreme Fighting (LXF).

On Saturday, Apr 6th 2024, 6:00pm PDT, the MMA promotion will host Lights Out Xtreme Fighting 15 in Long Beach, California, with 18 fights on the card.

Danny Ramirez and Richie Palomino will headline the event with a featherweight bout.

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Lights Out Xtreme Fighting 15
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